Justina Spring

Lithuanian born artist Justina Spring has been expressing herself through poetry and performance since an early age.

The powerful combination of words and music has helped her and continues to help her as she journeys through life as an empath, using her poetry to question this life we lead. Perhaps that's why her voice and words resonate with so many as those who listen are taken on a journey, searching for meaning in life.

Her performances speak to anyone who wonders why, on the never-ending inquiry towards the universe, life and love. Her words have the power to open minds up to a higher perspective and speak to anyone who questions life.

In addition to this, Justina has a deep passion and love for Ibiza, a tiny paradise island in the Balearic islands, Spain. She loves sharing her knowledge with people she meets.


Justina has performed in front of the audiences in Vilnius (Lithuania), London (UK), Dubai (UAE), New York (USA) and Ibiza (Spain).

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