Wild unexpected night

Wild unexpected night
Seduced by darkness…
I fall within a trap of extasy
And sinful joy caresses me until the dawn.

There´s nothing to be felt
Just crazy moments of this madness
When passion led me into you
And shivers ran through bodies
As we lost control.

I´m drunk
And high
From moment I´m enjoying
And guilt has dissipated in the air.

I don’t believe there is today
I don’t believe there is tomorrow
And so I let myself
To merge within myself.

Wild unexpected night
Seduced by you
I enter world where love does not exist

And I am willing to be shared
By life
And I am willing to become a fragment of our passion
And I am ready
To be broken into bits.

There is no space within your breath and I am slowly letting passion
Come into my being
Tonight I got into illusion
I let myself to have
What I have always dreamt of.

© 2014 Justina Spring All rights reserved

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