If you were a painter

If you were a painter
Would you paint me?
With all my beautiful imperfections
With all my honesty
With all my light
With my darkness….

With my passion for life
And my passion for people
With my past
With my present
And with my infinite possibilities…

If you were a singer
Would you sing me a song?
About life
About love
About You
About world…

If you were a poet
Would you write me a poem?
About lost soul
And the journey within…

Would you write me a poem
About truth
And the beauty
Would you write me a poem
What it´s like to be free?

If you were a painter
Would you paint me?
With my wounds
With my scars
With my raw open heart

Would you expose the world this side I within me
That I´ve been hiding for so long…?

If you were a creator of life
Would you give birth to my soul
And let me roam free as a bird
Would you create an endless sky for me
And dance with me in the air
Whilst our bodies get old…?

If you were a human
Would you accept me
For me..?
Would you judge me?
Would you love me?
With my imperfectly
Perfect soul.

© 2015 Justina Spring All rights reserved

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