Who are you?

Free spirit. Nefelibata. Traveller of different dimensions. Ibiza child. Human.

You can mostly find me between the lines of poems.

Where are you from?

I was born in Lithuania, a beautiful country next to Baltic Sea. There´s only 2.5 million of us. I am very proud of my roots. I spent 12 years in London and have been living in Ibiza since the beginning of 2016.

Why poems?

Poetry is a part of who I am. I love tapping into emotional form of different words and expressing them throughout my voice and performance.

I love writing my thoughts, feelings and asking questions. I want to know all the “IF´s” and “OUT´s”. To me - life has always been a big beautiful magical mystery and poetry is questioning it.

Poetry is not just happy moments and chamomile fields… It means looking at your own pain, talking about sadness, relationships, dreams, passions as well as those moments that make you feel numb, dead and the moments that make you feel alive.

I feel most myself when I write and when I perform. With writing I can go beyond the three dimensional reality. Touching different emotions and expressing them through an image or a feeling; stirring something inside, a half-remembered memory whether it is bittersweet or thought provoking – this is poetry to me.

Why Ibiza

I came to Ibiza first time 15 years ago whilst still living in London and instantly fell in love. I felt so happy here. I continued coming back, exploring more, finding out more, dancing more, meeting more people and then I made a decision that I want to live here.

2 years later there I was with my suitcase, my journal and my total trust that universe will show me the way.

It totally did…

What makes you happy?

I´m happy to be living my life right here on this planet at this time and seeing myself as a co-creator with the universe. 

I get excited about Full Moon, stars, different types of rocks, the ever-changing color of green in the nature and thousands of shades of blue in the sea… You know that feeling of sun kissing your cheeks..? This makes me happy.

And of course the sunsets and sunrises; melodic techno music and dancing, dancing dancing…! The pure ecstasy that good music can bring. 

I love spending time with my family and friends. I also love spending time in nature walking with my rough collie Sira and being grateful for being alive.

Finally - of course, Ibiza!! Ibiza makes me happy. I feel home here. I feel truly blessed. And I feel grateful.

every. single. day.

What is the best way to connect with you?

If you like my poems you can find me performing at different venues in Ibiza. It´s best to connect via Facebook or Instagram where I usually post my whereabouts.

Stay in touch

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